Image Recognition for Marketing Intelligence

SnapBuy MI, is an A.I. based marketing intelligence service for product price benchmarking.

Thanks to SnapBuy MI, you may be able to have regular product reports to see all competitor prices for visually similar products.

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Effortless Product Price Comparison

You will have a very powerful marketing intelligence tool for tracking your competitor products easily. Everything is automated for you to get informed about your competetive power.

Benchmarking Visually Similar Products

Maybe you have a competitor benchmark tool, but does it provide benchmarking by analyzing visual similarity of products? Does it inform you about competitor products that are most similar in terms of design?

Segmented Competetive Intelligence

Analyze your competetive power grouped by your own categorization and tagging. Understand what kind of products do your competitors have that are similar to your products within a specific category.

Why to use SnapBuy Marketing Intelligence?

If you sell hundreds or thousands of products online, you also have a lot of competitors to track. It is not possible to get all information manually and marketing intelligence tools do not provide you to analyze competitors by looking visual similarities between products.

Thanks to our A.I. based Image Recognition Technology, you will know which products do your competitors have that are visually similar to your products. You will also get informed about competitor prices and campaigns regulary. SnapBuy Marketing Intelligence will certainly boost your Marketing Power. Contact Us For Demo

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Benefits of SnapBuy

How Does SnapBuy MI Boost Your Competetive Power?

  • Easy Tracking
    You will have opportunity to track your competitiors for every product easily.
  •   Price Comparison
    Know your position in terms of pricing for each product.
  •   React Quickly to Campaigns
    Now you have opportunity to be informed quickly in case your competitor lowers a product price that is visually similar to any of your products.
  •   Imitation Alert
    Get informed quickly if any of your competitors imitates any of your products' design.
  •   Segmented Competition
    You will be able to analyze competition within your own category structure or special tags such as "my discounted products".
  • Easy to Use on Cloud
    No installment, no integration. Just connect your account on cloud, provide your product feed and competitors. That is all wee need to start empowering your competetive power.
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SnapBuy is a fast-growing A.I. startup developing disruptive solutions based on state of the art Image Recognition technologies.





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