Make Your Catalogs Interactive

SnapBuy is an image recognition service that converts your visuals into sales.

Make products recognizable on your catalogs, lookbooks or advertisements by using SnapBuy App or integrating "snap and buy" feature to your mobile app.

SnapBuy will connect your catalogs with product landing pages and increase online sales by creating a stunning mobile experience.

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How it works?

Register to SnapBuy
First step is creating a SnapBuy account.
Upload Your Visuals
Upload your visuals such as catalogues, lookbooks, print advertisements and link your visuals with product landing pages.
Use already published SnapBuy App or integrate SnapBuy to your app with search API. Now your customers are ready to buy your products by just snapping!

Why to use SnapBuy?

Your customers will be impressed from "snap and buy" feature. But the real benefit is much more than improving user experience. You will trigger potential customers to buy at the moment they liked your products. This innovative feature will provide you a high quality traffic focused on purchasing so that increase your sales with a humble cost.

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SnapBuy App in Action!

View a sample application video both for a product catalog and 3d products.

Benefits of SnapBuy

How Does SnapBuy Boost Your Sales?

  • Increase Your Traffic
    You will increase your online sales traffic from mobile channel with high quality leads.
  •   Connect Your Channels
    Increase efficiency of your catalogues, lookbooks,advertisements or any type of visuals and convert them to sales.
  •   Increase Conversion Rate
    The traffic that SnapBuy generates, will be focused on purchasing. This will increase your conversion rate.
  •   Better Than QR Codes
    SnapBuy is better than barcode/qr code recognition because it doesn't force you to insert codes into your visuals.
  •   Impress Your Customers
    Your customers will be impressed from the "snap and buy" feature. Build loyalty by improving purchasing experience.
  • Increase Mobile Engagement
    You can increase the engagement of your mobile app by offering an outstanding experince.
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Pricing Plans

You can start SnapBuy for free and upgrade if you need more products.

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After registering and uploading your visuals, you can download the app to test instantly. Search SnapBuy App at application markets or download by using the app buttons.

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